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Survive the relentless zombie apocalypse and forge alliances in the chaotic world of ‘Extra Lives Mod Apk,’ where every decision shapes your fate.

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Extra Lives Mod Apk

Welcome to Extra Lives, where survival meets strategy in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. In this thrilling game, players must navigate through alliances and conflicts among eight warring factions, each with its own beliefs on how to tackle the crisis. With over 200 characters and 50 unique locations to explore, every decision you make carries weight as you strive to restore order to the city. Get ready to experience the outstanding action of tearing apart zombies with the above-average combat system inherited from the Wrestling Revolution series.


In “Extra Lives,” gameplay is as dynamic as the world it inhabits. As you delve into the immersive storyline, you’ll find yourself forging alliances, making strategic decisions, and engaging in intense combat to survive. The game’s expansive exploration invites you to discover hidden secrets and strategically utilize interactive objects scattered throughout the city. With character customization and world-building features, you can shape the post-apocalyptic landscape to your liking, ensuring a personalized gaming experience like no other.

Apk Features

Dynamic Faction System

Experience the intricate web of alliances and conflicts among eight warring factions, each driven by their own unique beliefs and ideologies. Whether you align with the noble Guardians seeking to restore order, the ruthless Raiders who thrive on chaos, or any of the other diverse groups, your choices will have far-reaching consequences. With over 200 characters influencing your journey, every interaction shapes the narrative in unforeseen ways. Forge alliances, betray former allies, or navigate the delicate balance of power to emerge as the dominant force in the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Expansive Exploration

Get on a quest spanning 50 diverse locations within the city, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities. From the dilapidated streets overrun by the undead to the fortified strongholds of rival factions, every corner of the city holds secrets waiting to be discovered. Interact with hundreds of strategically placed objects to aid you in your quest for survival, whether it’s scavenging for supplies, deciphering hidden messages, or unlocking new paths through the urban jungle.

Above-Average Combat System

Experience the visceral thrill of combat with a system inspired by the acclaimed Wrestling Revolution series. Engage in intense battles against zombies and rival faction members alike, utilizing a variety of moves and strategies at your disposal. From bone-crushing suplexes to lightning-fast strikes, every encounter is a thrilling test of skill where victory is earned through cunning tactics and precise execution.

Character Customization and World-Building

Begin your journey with a character of your own creation, customizing their appearance, skills, and backstory to suit your playstyle. As you progress through the game, your decisions will resonate throughout the world, shaping the fate of both your character and the inhabitants of the city. Save your changes to all characters, effectively making the post-apocalyptic landscape your own as you leave your mark on history.

Deathmatch Mode

Take a break from the main storyline and unleash chaos in the special “Deathmatch” mode. Pit yourself against hordes of zombies and rival faction members in a relentless battle for survival, with no constraints of the overarching narrative. Whether you prefer to go it alone or team up with friends in multiplayer mayhem, Deathmatch mode offers endless opportunities for adrenaline-fueled carnage and epic showdowns.


In conclusion, Extra Lives Mod Apk provides a captivating and challenging gaming experience that transcends typical zombie survival games. With its dynamic gameplay, immersive world-building, and above-average combat system, this game promises endless hours of excitement and adrenaline. So, gear up, sharpen your skills, and be on a journey to survive the relentless apocalypse of “Extra Lives.” Are you ready to test your resilience in a world full of brainless zombies and heartless humans?

What’s New:

  • Added controller support for paying customers, automatically detecting Xbox or Playstation style controllers on Android 10+.
  • Improved compatibility with the latest Android versions for seamless gaming experience.

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